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Re: News and Important tasks (Was Re: mini-HOWTO)

On Thu, Jan 27, 2000 at 01:17:00PM +0100, Guylhem Aznar wrote:


>  - I'm no longer the DocBook coordinator, Jorge Godoy
>    <godoy@conectiva.com.br> is now in charge of that, with Greg help.
> He has plans to provide current HOWTOs in DocBook for ppl needing that,
> which would allow the sgml versions and the DocBook versions to coexist
> for a while.
> We will also open a DocBook section on the web site to host non-HOWTO
> DocBook documents submitted, and therefore adverstise we now fully
> support DocBook.
> Jorge will explain his plans on the list.

Thanks for introducing me, Guylhem, and sorry for taking too long to
post this message to the list.

As Guylhem said above, I'm the new coordinator for the DocBook area
and I'm writing some docs and tools to help start using DocBook. My
plans are to have the DocBook-HOWTO ready by next week and also having
some useful tools to work with DocBook documents.

DocBook's advantages over LinuxDoc are too many and it also provides a
more strucutred DTD to writing documentation (HOWTOs, articles, books,
man pages and the like). 

There are existing conversion tools that makes LinuxDoc's documents
into DocBook's documents. I'll search and try some of these, putting
them (or linking it's URLs) on the DocBook area too. 

I'd like to thanks to all the community and remember how important our
documentation "job" is. Thank you. 


> A gif/jpg file with text comment for lynx users might help ; we could
> also use it to announce other important news (ala freshmeat banners for
> open source projects)

Just remember the GIF license problem... I suggest using some other
format, such as PNG or only JPG...

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