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Re: [oswg-dis] Re: reader comments & reviews

David Lawyer wrote:

> No!  It would be tragic to have two Linux Documentation Projects, one
> by LDP and the other by OSWG.  We need only one and that IMO should be
> the LDP.  Thus all the HOWTOs at OSWG should move to LDP and then OSWG
> can become one of the mirrors of the LDP site.

I don't think it'd be trafic at all. You can make the LDP whatever you
like, but you can't make it the only project that documents Linux.
OpenSource documentation for Linux falls within the charter of OSWG and
I see no reason why that shouldn't be.

> The functions of OSWG would be to cover "open source" (or better IMO
> "free") documentation in general.  Anything specific to Linux
> (possibly with a few exceptions) should have its home on LDP.  Also,

Authors will choose to submit their documentation to whichever project
best meets their needs, both practical and philosophical. One of the
most important aspects of free content and software is the ability to
fork development if you're not happy with the way things are going. We
should embrace alternatives.

The OSWG decides what the OSWG does, it is under no obligation to
consider what the LDP is doing, nor does the LDP have any obligation to
concern itself with the activities of the LDP.

> Another function of OSWG would be to take charge in case LDP
> flounders.

Personal opinion only, and probably irresponsible flame-bait at that,
but I think that has already happened.
When authors don't even bother to subscribe to the mailing list (they
could have all been on ldp-discuss, but it wasn't considered important
to move them across), and don't contribute to discussion and begin
taking their documentation elsewhere you've got to start wondering how
you're measuring success.


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