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Re: [oswg-dis] Re: reader comments & reviews

Terry Dawson <terry@animats.net> writes:

> > No!  It would be tragic to have two Linux Documentation Projects, one
> > by LDP and the other by OSWG.  We need only one and that IMO should be
> > the LDP.  Thus all the HOWTOs at OSWG should move to LDP and then OSWG
> > can become one of the mirrors of the LDP site.
> I don't think it'd be trafic at all. You can make the LDP whatever you
> like, but you can't make it the only project that documents Linux.
> OpenSource documentation for Linux falls within the charter of OSWG and
> I see no reason why that shouldn't be.

Totally agreed - plus things like the docs for GNOME, although they
can be Linux specific - they can be Solaris specific, IRIX specific,
etc etc. As maintainer of the docs I now have the option to choose
between two doc-projects if I want to try to get my docs mirrored.

> Authors will choose to submit their documentation to whichever project
> best meets their needs, both practical and philosophical. 

Or Both.

> Personal opinion only, and probably irresponsible flame-bait at that,
> but I think that has already happened.
> When authors don't even bother to subscribe to the mailing list (they
> could have all been on ldp-discuss, but it wasn't considered important
> to move them across), and don't contribute to discussion and begin
> taking their documentation elsewhere you've got to start wondering how
> you're measuring success.

I feel the same way - and I too am not trying to 'stoke the fire' as
it were, but the LDP had many chances to not flounder, but it
did. Most importantly, the lack of moving out of a format driven
mark-up (Linuxdoc) to DocBook killed my interest in it quite
readily. The LDP has done some wonderful work over the years but there
is nothing wrong with having another, similar project that just make
take the concept even further.



          David Mason
        Red Hat AD Labs


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