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Re: bug tracking system (was: mini-HOWTO)

David Lawyer wrote:

> I think we need to accept such documents and have a separate
> (non-std-format) section for them.  They can be entered into the
> HOWTO-INDEX etc.  We will ask for volunteers to get them into a format
> we support with much of the effort going into getting the person who
> maintains the doc to use a format we support.

If/when people do submit non-standard-format docs, you might consider
asking for markup volunteers on the OSWG lists.  I know that there are
at least 4 or 5 of us who have already worked on doing doc conversions
of this sort.

Alternately, you could send a "call for volunteers" for a particular
piece to me personally, and I could forward the request on to the OSWG

I think this is one way the LDP and the OSWG can work together...the
OSWG really is a "pool of talent" from with the LDP (and any other Open
Source project) can draw from for both short and long term tasks.

Just a thought.

- deb

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