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Re: LDP integration with LWN and Freshmeat

> All LDP
> authors were subscribed to one of two lists, the ldp-l, or the
> ldp-l-anncounce, at their option.
Not all of them. I, for instance, have been excluded from debates
for several months (years?), despite my repeated attempts to resubscribe.
Not that I care that much, but I've missed the debate about linuxdoc
vs docbook, etc. I've left my Assembly-HOWTO to better hands (K. Boldyshev),
and am looking for someone to embrace and extend my Firewall-Piercing
mini-HOWTO, anyway.

> I still believe there is strong merit in the idea of having a mailing
> list open to authors and publishers only, not the general public.
Certainly, although a public archive would be useful, nevertheless.

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