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question about latex


I know this isn't the best list ask this, but nobody else seems to be
able to help me, so this is my last resort.

I converted sgml file to latex so I can create a dvi and ps file from
the latex one. 

Creation of dvi and ps files from latex file goes well (using "latex
file.tex" and then "dvips file.dvi -t letter -o file.ps") but I am
always getting the following warning, though it does not seem to affect
the created files at all  (they look perfect and they print perfectly):
Underfull \hbox (badness 10000) in paragraph at lines 26--26
Line 26 contains: \maketitle

If I move this line to somewhere else, it doensn't matter. If I remove
the line all together the warning is gone, but the title is missing of
course (whicn contain title, author, date and abstract).

Before I post the first so many lines I'd like to start by asking if
there is somebody here who knows more about latex than I do. I never
cared learning it. I know my way around sgml and that's fine by me, but
I'd like to at least get rid of this warning.

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