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Re: Queued HOWTOs

On Tue, Feb 29, 2000 at 09:20:32AM -0500, Greg Ferguson wrote:
> I can provide some information on the status....
>   We need to establish a decent processing environment on our host
>   machine (metalab.unc.edu). We're in the process of doing that.
>   I now realize the extreme pain the authors have to go thru wrt
>   sgml-tools, etc.! I'm in the process of constructing
>   a mechanism for taking either linuxdoc (supported by the old
>   sgml-tools, pre 1.1) *and* DocBook SGML (using jade/DSSSL/etc. -
>   all the tools and processes recommended in Jorge's HOWTO). It's
>   been my own personal nightmare. ;-)
>   Once that is in place, we should be able to efficiently process
>   HOWTOs in a timely fashion.
>   Yes we should have a means for allowing people to view the queue,
>   although I would *hope* (once the env is in place), that something
>   submitted would be processed in less than 24 hours, if not immediately
>   (eventually).
>   Greg Leblanc has a plan(?) to update the CVS server from metalab.
>   We can also automate that thru a cron script at some point. He can
>   speak to the mechanism.
> Guylhem and Jorge can probably add to this...

If we have this environment working ok, we can use CVS tools to
automate these steps. 

I'm working with other people who use DocBook to make a standard
distribution of docbook processing tools and defining some standards
suggestions to *nix/Linux. 

Godoy.  <godoy@conectiva.com.br> 

Setor de Publicações
Publishing Department                   Conectiva S.A.

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