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Re: question about latex

Gerard Beekmans <glb@dds.nl> wrote:

> Before I post the first so many lines I'd like to start by asking if
> there is somebody here who knows more about latex than I do. I never
> cared learning it. I know my way around sgml and that's fine by me, but
> I'd like to at least get rid of this warning.

That means that TeX can't typeset the line to within its tolerances,
but the formatting may be perfectly acceptable for everyday use.  TeX
can set type to very fine tolerances, so if you're satisfied with 
the output, then it should be all right.  

You can adjust the tolerances and remove the warnings if necessary ...
I have a Local Guide for teTeX that talks about those parameters,
among other things.  It's at http://www.mainmatter.com/.


<a href="coffee://localhost/cream/">stop</a>   http://www.mainmatter.com/

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