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When I first thought about writing a HOWTO, I wrote to
linux-howto@metalab.unc.edu with my ideas etc. as described in the New Authors
section of the HOWTO-HOWTO.  After a lengthy wait, with no response, I wrote to
one of the more prolific contributors to ldp-discuss (not wanting to complain
publicly about stuff I was not familiar with) and was told on 31 Jan 2000:

"This is deprecated ; I suggest you send the HOWTO to ldp-submit instead" 

Which I did.  I'm still not really happy with the response via lid-submit but
at least I got response.

My question is, why, a month later, is the HOWTO-HOWTO, with its "depreciated"
address still the first link in the AUTHORS/CONTRIBUTE box at
http://www.linuxdoc.org and why hasn't it (the HOWTO-HOWTO) been changed to
reflect the proper submission procedures?

Dead e-mail addresses and slow, or no, responses probably do more to alienate
new authors than any amount of sgml-izing or reformating requirements do.

Thanks for your time.

Bob Schultz

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