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On Mar 10, 11:55pm, Terry Dawson wrote:
> Subject: Re: HAM-HOWTO
> Greg Ferguson wrote:
> >
> > I do not know what happened to the SGML file(s), but I went
> > ahead and placed a copy of the plain text HAM-HOWTO into
> > the unmaintained directory (you're right, it should have gone
> > there):
> No, he isn't right. I asked for it to be removed.
> It's content doesn't qualify it for a HOWTO, it isn't "how to" do
> anything, it's just a directory of software that is now obsolete.
> Terry
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>-- End of excerpt from Terry Dawson

Understood. The (former) HAM-HOWTO has been removed from the
unmaintained area. Sorry about that Terry.

On Mar 12,  9:09pm, David Lawyer wrote:
> Subject: Re: HAM-HOWTO
> [Regarding people looking in vain for a HOWTO that no longer exists]
> ...
> Suppose that if a HOWTO ceases to really exist at LDP (or becomes
> unmaintained), a null HOWT0 is created to "replace" it.  For example
> Foo-HOWT0 will be a file which contains an explanation of what
> happened to Foo-HOWTO.  There would be Foo-HOWT0.sgml and all the
> other formats.  The HOWTO-INDEX would call it a null HOWT0 (or a
> better term).  A problem might be that someone will report "HOWT0" as
> a typo.  Another way would be to name them HOWTO~ but I think HOWT0 is
> better since it's not really a HOWTO.  After several years a null HOWT0
> could be moved to an archive.
> --                         David Lawyer

I think this is a very good idea, at the very least it helps to
eliminate the frustration of searching for something that no longer

Does anyone have a list of those that were removed, with perhaps
forwarding pointers and/or reasons for removal?


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