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Re: A new mini-HOWTO on who to use Bash !

On Mon, Mar 20, 2000 at 03:13:58PM +0100, BONNEFON Nicolas wrote:
> Hello !
> I would like to start writing a mini-HOWTO (or maybe a HOWTO, I don't know
> yet) about some features of Bash beginners usually don't use. This
> includes using history and related commands, csh-style "pushd" and "popd",
> aliases, and how to write simple shell scripts.
> Is there any other project like this one around ? Can I go on with it ?
When a utility has inadequate documentation, LDP needs to first try to
obtain improvement of the existing documentation for that utility.
Only if that doesn't work out do we need to come out with competing
documentation for it.

Now bash is fairly well documented.  For example I just typed "help popd"
and I get brief info on how to use popd.  The manpage is dated Jan
2000.  There is also a FAQ (in /usr/share/doc/bash/) on bash which is
sort of a tutorial but it also covers uses of bash on non-Linux
systems.  An "info" doc on it, along with many exaples is the the
Debian bash-doc package.  There is also a bash homepage mentioned in
the FAQ..  

So there is a lot of existing documentation.  Still, you have a good
idea but you need to check out the above to see how your proposed
project would fit in.  Perhaps the existing docs need to be better

-- David Lawyer

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