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Re: tools for DocBook (Re: What is the etiquitte?)

># I change the subject.
>In article <38EA14E0.314F90FD@mac.com>,
>   at Tue, 04 Apr 2000 12:14:24 -0400,
>     on What is the etiquitte?,
>  Chris Gehlker <canyonrat@mac.com> writes:
>>  My choices seem to include the following:
>>  1.    Work with the cvs maintainers to resolve the problem.
>Have you tried to replace the jade with openjade ?
>The maintainer of sgml-tools, Cees de Groot wrote on sgml-tools list,
>replying the question about compiling sgml-tools-2:
>   | dustman@cvrti.utah.edu said:
>   | > An attempt to build sgml-tools results in the errors below.  My Linux
>   | > system came with egcs 2.95.2.  I believe the error occurs when trying
>   | > to build jade.  Any solutions?
>   |
>   | Dump jade from the source tree and install OpenJade (URL not readily
>   | available, something with www.netfolder.com/openjade). Tried it on Solaris
>   | a couple of weeks ago, and it works just fine.

Thanks,Taketoshi. I'll find OpenJade.

My project, documenting installing and setting-up LinuxPPC just got 
pushed back because of the untimely death of BootX. I broke for me 
when I upgraded to MacOS 9.0.4 (from) 9.0 so I downgraded and went 
looking for a newer BootX version only to discover that development 
has been abandoned because BootX was so closely tied to MacOS that it 
is hard to maintain. This led me to study alternatives and I'm 
finally back on line but not before wiping out both Linux and MacOS. 
It's exhilarating to face a computer with nothing but a freshly 
initialized hard drive. It opens up possibilities. Where do you want 
to go today?

For the curious, I discovered that all the PCI bus Macs can boot 
directly into Open Firmware (OF). From there the user can issue 
commands to boot any OS on any partition. Better yet, if you know any 
FORTH, you can type in a little program and store it in nonvolatile 
RAM. Then you can set a flag to execute the program rather than the 
standard boot sequence. This is way cool because now I have a menu 
that transfers control either to the Mac ROMs or yaboot, a Linux 
kernel loader. yaboot reads a configuration file so I can customize 
stuff like video driver setting and whether to boot in single user 
mode just by editing a file under MacOS. Even better, yaboot supports 
a list of options indexed with keywords so I can choose MacOS or 
Linux at the OF menu and then choose kernel options at the yaboot 

The only thing that keeps this from being a perfect solution is that 
some PowerPC machines, thank god not mine, drop into OF with tty0 
rather than the keyboard and monitor as cin and cout. I can't see 
writing a HOWTO for newbies that starts out by telling them to get 
another computer and scanning the the device tree to find their 
keyboard and mouse.

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