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todo (was: RE: Questions about future)

Can we get these on the website somewhere as "to-do" items?

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> Sent: Monday, May 01, 2000 11:20 AM
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> Subject: Re: Questions about future
> We still need to:
> * cleanup/provide a decent "authors" area.
>      This includes the updated HOWTO(s) for authoring guidelines and
>      the submittal process. More info on DocBook (Jorge's HOWTO,
>      in released form). Links to tools/packages with instructions
>      on usage (I think Mark is going to work on including this in
>      the HOWTO HOWTO).

This is a HUGE job.  IMHO, we need to expand upon the documents that we have
already, namely Mark's HOWTO-HOWTO, Jorge's Using-DocBook-HOWTO, and the
mini-HOWTO type document by Serek on CVS.  I think that the whole mess
should get pushed into one larger GUIDE, with several chapters.  The first
chapter should be an introduction to the LDP communty and website, telling
about what we're trying to do, and a little about how we're trying to do it.
The second chapter should be something general on what makes a good
document, and perhaps some templates with structure build it.  The third
chapter should go into some detail about how to use DocBook (not the tools,
but the language) to mark the content of your document.  The fourth chapter
should cover making the tools that are used to process DocBook into other
formats working.  The fifth chapter should cover guidelines on how to submit
a document to the LDP, and eventually details on how to use CVS and perhaps
how CVS works.  I've lost my train of though, but I'm sure there are more
that I'm missing.  I know for sure that Mark K was interested in working on
this, how many other people are?  Does it need to get off of the main
LDP-discuss list?

> * get the CVS repository fully-functional.

There's a list for this now, I'll let it go until tomorrow.

> * think about how best to provide readers a way to comment/provide
>   feedback about specific documents; how to route this back to the
>   authors.

Hmm, definately something that needs discussing.  Any ideas?

> * continued process improvements in building docs.

Along with CVS stuff, I think.

> * make sure we have SGML instances for all documents (mark-up
>   assistance is needed!).

Aye, I've got plenty to say on this one, but I'm waiting for a few things to
settle out before I start going with that.

> * provide a browse-by-category mechanism (ie Networks -> modems, etc).

Wow, that sounds like a fun task.  I think that one is going to need lots of
volunteers, and lots of cross-linking between documents.  Perhaps even some
new documents that help to describe the whole category.

> * man pages...I've been asked to provide copies of man pages on
>   the LDP (in HTML; and possibly available as PDF, combined 
> into sections)
>   form(s). This would  make man pages searchable, etc. I think it
>   would be a valuable addition to the LDP.

I don't follow this one, can somebody explain?

Enough for now,

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