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Re: todo (was: RE: Questions about future)

On Mon, May 01, 2000 at 01:25:15PM -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> This is a HUGE job.  IMHO, we need to expand upon the documents that we have
> already, namely Mark's HOWTO-HOWTO, Jorge's Using-DocBook-HOWTO, and the
> mini-HOWTO type document by Serek on CVS.  I think that the whole mess
> should get pushed into one larger GUIDE, with several chapters.

If we want people to volunteer to write HOWTOs who know next to
nothing about CVS, Docbook, etc., we need to keep it simple and short.
While I like the idea of a long Guide I think there also needs to be
something much shorter.  I learned LinuxDoc (or at least enough to
write a HOWTO in it) from the 3-page (printed) example.sgml document.
So I think there should be both a short document (say equal to about
10 printed pages) and a long one for those who want to delve into more
details (and create better docs).  In the short document little would
be said about CVS and it would be suggested to submit docs by email
until one learns more about CVS. 

-- David Lawyer

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