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Re: todo (was: RE: Questions about future)

Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> > * man pages...I've been asked to provide copies of man pages on
> >   the LDP (in HTML; and possibly available as PDF, combined
> > into sections)
> >   form(s). This would  make man pages searchable, etc. I think it
> >   would be a valuable addition to the LDP.
> I don't follow this one, can somebody explain?
> Enough for now,
>         Greg

I think he means something like this:


It's a searchable archive of the standard manpages (in HTML-ized

Sounds like a good idea to me.

I would like to chime in and say there definitely needs to be some
better documentation available for docbook and getting the docbook stuff
working.  Jorge's howto is a good start, but leaves too much unsaid and
doesn't really give the steps needed to DO docbook.
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