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That makes two of us

I would like to see the LDP start accepting more than SGML as a
I've never understood why supposedly intelligent nerds persist in flagellating themselves. A 500 Mhz processor is easily capable of writing SGML for you and giving you a WYSIWYG display. Why torture yourself by writing SGML directly? To show how virtuous you are? LDP wants new authors, LDP needs to wake up and smell the coffee. The rest of the world has been doing WYSIWYG word processing for years. Is LDP back in the stone age? Are you all using abacuses for computers? Whatever happened to X-Windows? I want to write a mini-HOWTO, but it looks infinitely harder than it ought to be. Why should I have to learn the mechanics of SGML to do the simple job of telling people how to do something else? Why aren't we using our computers to do the grunt work?