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Re: That makes two of us

On mar, 02 mai 2000, Gary Preckshot à écrit
>> I would like to see the LDP start accepting more than SGML as a
>> file
>> format.
>I've never understood why supposedly intelligent nerds
>persist in flagellating themselves. A 500 Mhz processor is
>easily capable of writing SGML for you and giving you a
>WYSIWYG display. 

there is an evident answer to this. It's name is LyX.

LyX is wisiwyg (or so), VERY easy to use and can cope with linux doc,
docbook and direct html (with tth, latex2html or hevea).

there is only a drawback : lyx is a small team effort and not supported
enough. So the installation of lyx is a bit awkward. One must have LaTeX,
sgmltools v1 (for linux doc) sgml tools v2 (for docbook, don't seems to
install properly with SuSE) and hevea (good and free).

LyW is a free, nearly gpl (a little library problem), very fast and light,
runs on linux (of course) and any unix machine (perhaps), even on windows.

I vote for LyX to be the recommended LDP editor, and for a small help to
the lyx team. This could be a priority job, not very difficult.

this is much easier than any other word processor (I'm sorry, emacs is a
wonderfull editor but a poor word processor - but any body can use it, of

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