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Re: That makes two of us

On Mon, 1 May 2000, Gary Preckshot wrote:

> > I would like to see the LDP start accepting more than SGML as a
> > file
> > format.
> >
> I've never understood why supposedly intelligent nerds
> persist in flagellating themselves. A 500 Mhz processor is
> easily capable of writing SGML for you and giving you a
> WYSIWYG display. Why torture yourself by writing SGML
> directly? To show how virtuous you are? LDP wants new
> authors, LDP needs to wake up and smell the coffee. The rest
> of the world has been doing WYSIWYG word processing for
> years. Is LDP back in the stone age? Are you all using
> abacuses for computers? Whatever happened to X-Windows? I
> want to write a mini-HOWTO, but it looks infinitely harder
> than it ought to be. Why should I have to learn the
> mechanics of SGML to do the simple job of telling people how
> to do something else? Why aren't we using our computers to
> do the grunt work?

Most of the authors don't use flashy machines. (There were complaints
about the extra stress a DocBook SGML environment created from authors.)

No one implies you that you shouldn't work with WYSIAYEG (or worse:
WYSIWYHYWG) editor. But the project MUST use an open document standard
that is fit for technical documents. I know of no other standard then
DocBook SGML fit forthe job.

But you may use a W* editor to create it. Unfortunatly it would mean cough
up a large sum from something like framework and as author's don't even
want to buy something to replace their beloved 486 this is unlikely.

Personally I have never liked W* stuff as it always fails to do what I
want and has no way of looking at a logical level to the documents I made.


WYSIAYEG:       What You See Is All You Ever Get
WYSIWYHYWG:     What You See Is What You Hope You WIll Get

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