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Re: Something I would like to see

On Tue, May 02, 2000 at 09:07:59PM -0700, Joshua Drake wrote:
> One of the constant drawbacks for the LDP in getting new authors is the
> requirement that they submit with SGML. We all know the benefits of SGML
> but a lot of us tend to ignore the drawbacks. Some of these are:
> Learning curve
I learned LinuxDoc in an hour or two from a 3 page example.  I was able to
get started after about 30 minutes, but needed to refer to the printed
pages later on.
> Image handling (in linuxdoc)
> Ease of editing - Most of us are very comfortable at the command line. A
> lot of new - very intelligent Linux users are not.
One doesn't edit on the command line.  A GUI editor should work fine
with SGML.
> Processing - SGML can be a pain to process and a pain to find errors in.

Once one understands that the line number that caused the error is
shown in the error message and that something prior to that line could
have caused the error, then it's not so hard.
> It's ugly
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I think they look fine.
> I suggest the following:
> I would like to see the LDP start accepting more than SGML as a file
> format. My personal taste would be Word Perfect. Why?

I agree that it would be OK to accept other formats as a temporary
measure until the doc can be converted to sgml.  But not Word Perfect.
> They both run on Linux. Wordperfect is free.

Well, I just went to Corel's site for Linux and didn't see anything
about it being either free in price or free-to-modify.  All I saw was
a place to click for "purchase now".  I know they gave it away free in
price at first but that was likely just a come-on.
                        David Lawyer

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