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Re: Something I would like to see (rant warning)

On mar, 02 mai 2000, Gary Lawrence Murphy à écrit

>Anyone who can code a webpage can code a basic DocBook doc.  It's
>1/10th as cryptic as LaTeX and 1/100th as cryptic as NROFF; back in
>the 1980's the most precious book in our entire company was the one
>lone NROFF manual.

please, be aware that our days, many linux users are NOT former Unix users
and don't konw nor want to know about NROFF (I can't ever imagine what it
is :-)) nor latex (save for installing the rpm and forgetting it)

Of course the actual discussion is not for ol'timers who knows all about
vi or emacs. But LDP copes with many issues not related to such things;
For example I got a fairly good knoledge of practical samba and wiring
nets in my school. I was (years ago :-)) a word user for writing equations
and I could cope with emacs (I do sometimes), but LyX is really much
easyer to learn than emacs or latex. and shoul be proposed to new authors.

of course sgml/docbook MUST stay the "official source" and with lyx (or
for that sake, any linudoc/docbook text processor) keeps clean of bugs.

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