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Re: political action HOWTO

On Mon, May 01, 2000 at 07:56:32PM -0500, John Emerson wrote:
> I'm interested in writing a HOWTO on political action and advocacy.

There is an advocacy HOWTO but it deals simply with promoting Linux as a
good and useful OS.  I can't see many people who want to make use of LDP
resources objecting to that.

I *can* see people objecting to what you propose and that could cause real
problems for the LDP.  I don't think the LDP should be associated with any
political line beyond "We think Linux is a good thing and here is some free
documentation for it (which we also think is a good thing)."  There's a big
difference between releasing documentation under the LDP license, which is
an expression of a personal decision, and telling other people what they
should be doing.  IIRC, the Advocacy HOWTO makes similar points.

As things stand, the only non-technical HOWTOs are the "humorous" ones and I
think that's how it should stay, really.

It's not that I object to your principles, just that I don't feel that this
is the right venue for that kind of campaign.


If the universe were simple enough to be understood, we would be too
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