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Re: Removal of Documents [Re: Something I would like to see]

On mar, 02 mai 2000, Joe Cooper à écrit

>> Get Acquainted with Linux Security and Optimization System
>>     Which is written in Microsoft Word and the produced to PDF

this is to be a very frequent issue. We really need some sort of
word2sgml/docbook translation tool. Don't say it's impossible. I know it's
fairly difficult, but may be a _word_model_sheet could be prepared (I can
help for that) and proposed to the such authors. many of us have still
windows at work (and can steal some time to work for ldp... don't repeat
it!). Such a sheet could greatly siplify the transkation.

>> Linux Administrator's Security Guide
>>     Which is written in HTML

is this guide _really_ written in HTML? I know no html editor with any
text editing facility (better than notepad). If really so, it's mostly
pure ascii. Take it in any linux word processor (lyx?), give it titles and
sections, export to sgml and voila.

notice that netscape makes a very good work translating html to text
(better than lyx)

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