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Re: if SGML is so great...

Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> We know we can _only_ make _maximum_ use if a doc is in DocBook.
> We therefore pledge to support docbook-novices to learn it.
> We will publically say "Submit your DocBook sources to ..."
> If anyone responds with "I have SGML-dyslexia and cannot DocBook" we
> will say, quietly (privately) "ok, for you, we make an exception" we
> thank them, accept their paper and we toss their handiwork into the
> old-system heap of papers to be managed by the old-method as time and
> resources permit.

That's the most sensible thing I've heard yet, Gary!  You'll have to be
stoned to death for being sensible on a public mailing list, of course.

> I will bet a pint of Guiness if we state a requirement for
> SGML/DocBook, less than 5% of new contributors will complain over the
> first year, and in two years, no one will think twice about it.

I'll up the ante with a 6 pack of the favorite local Texas brew, Shiner
Bock.  (Before you all say, "ech!  American beer?  No thanks!"...I
assure you that Shiner is a proper dark wheaty beer.  Delicious and

Though I suspect the odds aren't so good in my favor.  If I know mailing
lists at all, this issue will come up every six months until the end of
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