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Definitve why SGML (I'm sorry)

Hy all,
first of all, I'm sorry because I've started this sort of flame regarding
SGML editors that is falled down to a SGML validity in supporting the growth
of our poor society ;).
My question was only if there is a native sgml wysiwyg editor for M$.

Linuxdoc projects MUST be written in SGML. That is for a variety of reasons
that seem to be explained enough.
If someone wants to write Linuxdoc with other editors, he must find out how
to convert their formats to SGML.

I think I'm not a M$ guru to write any kind of such converter.
Now I'm using Lyx under M$ via an X server (brrrrrrrrrrrr).
When I will be succesfull in exporting again my doument I think I will
continue writing it with a text editor, directly in SGML.

It's not comfortable for me, but is the only way.

-------->>>> I think that the only productive discussion is hwo to write in
SGML more easly, _NOT_ why not to write in SGML. This was the spirit of my

Thank you !

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