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Re: Definitve why SGML (I'm sorry)

"Gabriele.V" <gabriele.v@iname.com> writes:

> Hy all,
> first of all, I'm sorry because I've started this sort of flame regarding
> SGML editors that is falled down to a SGML validity in supporting the growth
> of our poor society ;).
> My question was only if there is a native sgml wysiwyg editor for M$.

There are lots of them! A partner of mine was looking for it to make
us able to ask people that don't know SGML and Linux to translate some
documents for us. I think that you should take a look at AltaVista.

Pay attention only to the ones that say that can work with "any
DTD". Theoretically they don't have a proprietary subset of tags and
would work even with XML. 

> -------->>>> I think that the only productive discussion is hwo to write in
> SGML more easly, _NOT_ why not to write in SGML. This was the spirit of my
> discussion.

I agree... 

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