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political action HOWTO

I'm interested in writing a HOWTO on political action and advocacy.

It seems like there is an increasing amount of noise lately in the FSF
community about bad patent law, corporate influence on government, and how
the government just doesn't understand the internet and world of free
software. There are more and more protests and demonstrations against bad
laws, arrested hackers and court cases. That said RMS, GNU and others
always seem to stop short of trying to get actively involved in the
legislative process.

I propose that the best way to fight bad law is not just to write free
software, but through political action.

I just quit my job at Amnesty International USA and I've SEEN how regular
folks can work with their representatives to pass good laws. I was thinking
of using this experience to draft a HOWTO for the GNU/Linux community.

What do you think?

-       John

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