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Re: Linux International General Developer's Fund: Request

>>>>> "G" == Guylhem Aznar <guylhem@ifrance.com>

    G> I couldn't find any sponsor for LinuxCanada Toronto in two
    G> weeks so I will not attend, only one of our members living in
    G> Ontario can come.

>>>>> "M" == Jon 'maddog' Hall <maddog@valinux.com>

    M> While some developers may not have the time or inclination to
    M> give talks, perhaps the documentation people would.

If I may add my two-bits of LDP evangelism (being the aforementioned
"Ontarian"), I have already arranged for a space on Monday May 15th at
6pm to hold a "Documentation BOF" session at the LinuxCanada expo;
depending on the audience, these sessions can become writers'
workshops, where the needs and methods of the LDP and others such as
the OSWG are discussed or, as happened in Raleigh last year,
educators' workshops on their end-user requirements for our documents
and delivery systems.  In either case, having experienced and active
LDP members present at such events is a bonus.

Two years ago, when the issue of travelling LDP shows came up, many
people, including myself, thought it would be redundant.  "Everyone
knows the LDP!" -- I discovered through volunteering at their booth
that this is not quite true. I noticed a surprising number of people,
both Linux users and developers, who may know about HOWTOs and
miniHOWTOS, but know nothing about how the LDP works or of the scope
of the LDP collection.  

Many visitors did not know the LDP is completely volunteer, very
international and multi-lingual, and many never suspect that even
non-developers can contribute in very real ways.  Not only does the
LDP reach the public with this message at such shows, but probably
more importantly, we can also reach the rising commercial stars in our
industry.  In Montreal, Guylhem was able to develop a rapport with
these large companies which would not have been possible through 
disjoint emails.

The LDP provides an essential service to the whole Linux community and
should be given every opportunity to explain their work.  If LI can
help them to sustain, develop and promote that service, I think it is
money well spent for all of Linux.

Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@linux.ca>: office voice/fax: 01 519 4222723
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