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Re: Linux International General Developer's Fund: Request

At 16:40 08/05/00 -0400, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
>If I may add my two-bits of LDP evangelism (being the aforementioned
>"Ontarian"), I have already arranged for a space on Monday May 15th at

Excellent. Maybe I can find a sponsor? (but I've got exams to study...)

>that this is not quite true. I noticed a surprising number of people,
>both Linux users and developers, who may know about HOWTOs and
>miniHOWTOS, but know nothing about how the LDP works or of the scope
>of the LDP collection. 

Right ; I also noticed this in Montreal.
I couldn't attend to Paris Expo due to feb. exams, but I think the situation would have been the same. 

>LDP reach the public with this message at such shows, but probably
>more importantly, we can also reach the rising commercial stars in our
>industry.  In Montreal, Guylhem was able to develop a rapport with
>these large companies which would not have been possible through 
>disjoint emails.

[I am still in the process of "developping" this rapport ; I expect more hardware gifts or lended authors]

>The LDP provides an essential service to the whole Linux community and
>should be given every opportunity to explain their work.  If LI can
>help them to sustain, develop and promote that service, I think it is
>money well spent for all of Linux.

I agree ; a free operating system is important (free as free speech) but free documentation (free as free beer and free speech) is also important.

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