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Re: Authorship

Arnault Claden wrote:
 > I agree with you, David. I've just written a HOWTO, and wrote it using
> LYX and the Linuxdoc template. I simply don't WANT to upgrade from SuSE
> 6.2 to SuSE 6.4 just for being able to write using DocBook, I've many
> other important things working, and I don't want to redo everything
> because I've had to upgrade.

The latest revs of the H-H have the quick-and-dirty version of getting
DocBook support.


While it only documents making HTML docs, it is a start.  The biggest thing
is getting nsgmls so that you can validate your code.  If it validates, there
(hopefully) won't be problems rendering it into the other formats.

I'm working on getting this to generate other formats, plus start using the


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