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Re: Authorship

Mark Komarinski wrote:

Mark, you're getting some good feedback from new authors. David Merrill, Joe
Cooper, and Arnault Claden just told you that they're having real problems
getting the tools working. These are not old hands, but new authors whose
feedback is invaluable in determining how useful your howto is to the intended
audience. I'm just the most vocal of the set. I also used what worked for me.
There's a real need for identifying sets of tools that work well together and
also the use of DocBook as LDP prefers it. In short, your howto stands at the
crux of becoming the prime policy document of the LDP, at least as far as
incoming authors are concerned.

I don't think it would be a good thing to fragment the HOWTO-HOWTO into a bunch
of little topical howtos.
1) It sends new authors all over the place when they should have "one stop
2) It defuses the responsibility for a coherent policy to several squabbling
3) It avoids the issues.


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