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Re: Requiring use of DocBook; LinuxDoc

Mark Komarinski wrote:
> Gary Preckshot wrote:

> > There seem to be a lot of people who'd rather use LinuxDoc.
> > Their posts seem to describe DocBook as anything but
> > "straightforward." Certainly, there's a subset of folks that
> > think DocBook is too big for their computers.
> So far I count one person.  Two if you include yourself. That's not "a lot".

You might as well add me. I feel we have to look at the purpose of
what we are doing, specifically from the end users perspective.
Until we start using the tags for more than plain conversion I feel
it is hard to be convinced about the superiorness of LinuxDoc. Let
me see the tools, the advanced searching, the real benefits here and
now, not some day in the future. Until then I vote for accepting
documents in either DTD.

I have already produced the goods when it comes to technology demo
but of all my suggestions so far only the Template seems to have
been accepted.

Until that day when you can point to added end user benefits and
real, exsiting tools, the entire LinuxDoc vs. DocBook DTD seems
like a waste of time and feels like a bit of overengineering.

BTW: I have seen LinuxDoc used for making FAQ on Usenet News so
it does already have its uses beyond the LDP.

   Stein Gjoen

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