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Who's in charge

The LDP is a community project and therefore anyone who is part of the LDP
and present a valid argument that others agree with can have an opinion
that matters.

Yes, there are several members that are "central" to the project. They
are myself, Greg F, and Guylhem originally. Now there are a few more
depending on what part of the project you look at.

At this point, unless it effects the LDP project as a whole each person
that maintains their part of the project runs it themselves. For example,
I do not have much to say when it comes to CVS. On the other hand the CVS
guy doesn't have much to say about the Website, which is mine and Greg
Fergs domain.

If it effects the LDP as a whole there are usually private discussions
that come about before it goes to ldp-discuss. We try to hash out as many
of the questions as we can before giving it to ldp-discuss. We want to
keep it efficient as possible.

However, the beauty, however frustrating it can be - is that although I
typically do not have much to say about CVS, I have the right to if I

Just as you do or anyone else that is a member of the LDP. It is not the
perfect system but it does work and as people get used to it we have been
improving the project exponentially every day.

Joshua Drake

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