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Re: First pass for LDP-Author-Guide

Le mer, 28 jun 2000, Mark Komarinski a écrit :

> Sounds like XML alright.  My impression (someone correct me when I go astray)
> is that XML can store binary data within tags,

will this mean real binary or text encoded one ? (as in mail)

> Ask the powers-that-be.  We're hashing this discussion around in another thread
> (or is that one done?).  The idea is that if an author doesn't know DocBook, they
> can write it in .txt, send it to the LDP, get it translated into DB, 

this could be nice if any translator is available

then use
> the LAG to maintain the document.

if he can't use it in the first place, how will he do that ?

my first impression is that this is contradictory with all the arguments
in favor of sgml. The only translation method is from sgml to others
formats. If not anybody could submit in a y form and a lot of e-mails
could be saved on this list...

> No no no!  Then we're getting into software maintenance and that would
> only increase the existing overhead.  RPM-based distros have the Cygnus
> DocBook tools, which includes Jade, the DSSSL, and DB 3.1.  I already
> documented this, and also document the "do it by hand" method after installing
> all the tools separately.

installing the suse 6.4 version only gave me a mess of jade error

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