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Re: First pass for LDP-Author-Guide

Le mer, 28 jun 2000, Chuck Dale a écrit :
> Wrote David Merrill on Tue, Jun 27, 2000 at 11:28:29PM -0400:
> > jdd wrote:
> > 
> > > we absolutely need a ONE SOURCE rpm (or tgz) that install all this stuff
> > > in one step.
> > 
> > This _would_ be very, very helpful for those of us who are interested in
> > doing the markup and/or authoring, but not struggling with tools. I'm
> > not sure what percentage of folks it would really work for.
> Where's the problem?
> Debian:

> RedHat:

> Mandrake:

I use suse (6.4) for almost 2 years and never manage docbook to run. I
always have a mess or jade error messages.

I fact, I beg it's the kind of problem I had next week, after a new
installation my ssh link didn't work anymore. after much work i noticed
that it was openssh that was installed, removed it, install basic ssh and
all was again ok.

most of the time different pacjages have different syntax, and I suppose
it's the case for jade and open jade, for example; but the documentation
is awfull and any RTFM takes weeks...

linuxdoc was much easier to run

If docbook installation and use was really easy, why should the LAG
propose  a help for translating from text to docbook?

I think we MUST use docbook, and we MUST make all the necessary to have an
easy ti install stuff.

may be, at this time, will it be possible to ask the authors: what distrib
do you use, how did you install docbook? was it easy?

I'm ready to write suse to quote this, but only if I can prove that it's
they fault.

anyway, we are working on the good direction: I will for proof that the
last Lyx version now recognise suse docbook implentation. - it's not
enough, but it's a step in the good way.

we MUST have an easy docbook, there is no reason at all for not having it.

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