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Re: Requiring use of DocBook; LinuxDoc

On Mon, Jun 26, 2000 at 05:08:43PM -0700, Gary Preckshot wrote:
> identified these worthies, but Godoy, LeBlanc, Gjoen,
> Ferguson, Aznar, and Drake seem to get the most deference.
> Even among them, there seems to be disagreement.

Show me a project where there is a 100% agreement and then I will show
you a good project.
> Even if I had been, I doubt my perceptions would be any
> different. What you're missing is an official organ that
> sets forth policy as finally decided. Even Usenet groups

We decide in common. And if there is a civil war, I take a decision.
But the LDP is a community and we try to discuss and work altogether.

> there's healthy discussion, which is good, but no
> resolution, which is poor guidance. It's possible to have a
> democracy, but still have a decision process.

There are decisions. But sometimes there aren't, too.

If the decision is evident (see the slackware doc idea) no need to vote.
In our case, it is better not to take any decision immediately :
When all the docbook tools, HOWTO, and authors help will be as usable as
linuxdoc tools, then a decision will be proposed.

If there is no agreement, then we will vote.

> I am doing something. I'm writing a HOWTO entitled "Using
> DocBook HOWTO". Here's the abstract 

Good. That's positive criticism and work.

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