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PostgreSQL HowTo

Hello. I'm the doc editor for PostgreSQL. We have a relatively large doc
set (> 1000 pages) written using DocBook SGML, Norm's style sheets, and

I would like to request that the ownership of the PostgreSQL HowTo be
transferred to an active member of the Postgres development community.
We can directly support the DocBook markup, and can ensure that
information in the HowTo is accurate and on topic.

Currently, that is not the case. Please read the document to understand
the specifics, but suffice to say that the document does not represent
Postgres or Linux appropriately.

Is this the right forum for discussing and (hopefully) progressing on
this? I've tried contacting individuals in the past (over the last year
or two), but the issue is still unresolved, since it is understandably a
difficult situation.

I look forward to some feedback and comments.


                   - Thomas

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