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RE: PostgreSQL HowTo

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> From: Thomas Lockhart []
> Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2000 10:39 PM
> To: LDP
> Subject: PostgreSQL HowTo
> Hello. I'm the doc editor for PostgreSQL. We have a 
> relatively large doc
> set (> 1000 pages) written using DocBook SGML, Norm's style 
> sheets, and
> jade.
> I would like to request that the ownership of the PostgreSQL HowTo be
> transferred to an active member of the Postgres development community.
> We can directly support the DocBook markup, and can ensure that
> information in the HowTo is accurate and on topic.
> Currently, that is not the case. Please read the document to 
> understand
> the specifics, but suffice to say that the document does not represent
> Postgres or Linux appropriately.
> Is this the right forum for discussing and (hopefully) progressing on
> this? I've tried contacting individuals in the past (over the 
> last year
> or two), but the issue is still unresolved, since it is 
> understandably a
> difficult situation.

Hmm, interesting that you should bring this up now...  We've just had a
number of people concur that the PostgreSQL HOWTO is horrid, and should be
removed/replaced.  I'm not going to piss anybody off and volunteer to
contact the author, but if you have a member of the PostgreSQL team that is
willing to write a HOWTO, I think that it will be easily accepted, and the
current PostgreSQL HOWTO removed.  I think somebody should probably contact
the author of the current HOWTO, either an "official" of the LDP (Guylhem,
don't you need a few more people hating you?:), and/or a member of the
PostgreSQL team.  

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