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Re: PostgreSQL HowTo

> Hmm, interesting that you should bring this up now... We've just had a
> number of people concur that the PostgreSQL HOWTO is horrid, and 
> should be removed/replaced.  I'm not going to piss anybody off and 
> volunteer to contact the author, but if you have a member of the 
> PostgreSQL team that is willing to write a HOWTO, I think that it will 
> be easily accepted, and the current PostgreSQL HOWTO removed.  I think 
> somebody should probably contact the author of the current HOWTO, 
> either an "official" of the LDP (Guylhem, don't you need a few more 
> people hating you?:), and/or a member of the PostgreSQL team.

"And" is fine. I don't feel that the PostgreSQL team has the authority
to make this decision or to make the contact (and no fair saying "you
now have the authority" ;) but we would be happy to participate in the
contact and to co-sign it. Is that sufficient?

Also, in previous contacts with an individual LDP representative, he
expressed interest in incorporating a much larger portion of the
PostgreSQL docs. imho our current Linux FAQ + all of the docs covers
Linux well, but it may be better to expand the FAQ to cover at least
some common topics and to be more closely cross-referenced to the other
documents. We would be happy to take suggestions from the LDP community
on form and content.


                        - Thomas

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