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Re: PostgreSQL HowTo

Le ven, 30 jun 2000, Thomas Lockhart a écrit :

> I would like to request that the ownership of the PostgreSQL HowTo be
> transferred to an active member of the Postgres development community.

I think this is NOT a good idea. I think that a HOWTO i a different view
from the initial manual, after all if the manual was excellent it would
have no need for a HOWTO.

However, I agree that the owner of the programm (ie prostgress) can have a
look at the technical data to quote errors, but (sorry to say that, may be
you are asolutely not concerned by this remark) the owners are often
overconviced of the gracefullness of they product.

A HOWTO author can like or dislike any option of the application, quote
potential problems and so on. Can say "beware, for this use better take an
other product".

I think also that an "official HOWTO" could leed on a war between the
official and the unofficial one. Better work for a co-operation between
the HOWTO author and the product staff. I think that if the author has an
opinion and the staff an other, the author should insert both in the HOWTO
quoting each other advice.

I think cooperation can be very productive

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