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Re: Boilerplate License Revision Proposal

Richard Stallman wrote:

> Non-free documentation causes a number of problems when the free
> software community tries to use it.  For example, it can become
> impossible to update.  When someone makes a modified version of the
> softwae, he cannot make a modified version of the documentation to go
> with it.

I don't understand that. I consider that (mostly) all distros have a
kind of compilation of documentation included. I am not sure if you
think by 'the free software community' distributions who 'make' Linux
CD's or maybe ordinary users who download new kernels from the net? In
case of distro-makers, are they not suggested (not to say forced) to
include up-to-date modified documentation. In case of end-users, it's up
to them what to download (include docs or not). Maybe LDP should make
such a licence to advise distro-makers to use as new documents as


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