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Re: Licensing.

Le mer, 26 jui 2000, Guylhem Aznar a écrit :
> On Tue, Jul 25, 2000 at 09:25:02PM +0200, jdd wrote:
> > > LDP to decide. It has been posted to http://www.kuro5shin.org,
> > 
> > host unknown for me
> It should read www.kuro5hin.org


I think this is a very damagable thind although I didn't know k5 before.
Ready to do anything possible to help them

Kuro5hin.org is down

As most of you know, for the past three days, kuro5hin.org has been subject to 
a series of automated "spam" type attacks by persons currently unknown.
The story queue has been filled with crap, the comments have been filled
with crap, and we've been hit with denial of service flood attacks,
presumably intended to crash the server. We're tired of this shit. 

K5 is run by an all-volunteer staff. No one makes any money from this 
site. We work on the site because we believe in it. We wanted to provide
a service to the internet, and especially the free software community. 

(see www.kuro5hin.org for the rest)

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