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Re: [Re: Navigation, ...

On Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 02:59:18PM -0400, Rebecca Giovannini wrote:
> Sorting by theme could be done either by putting the docs in
> different folders accordingly, or possibly by getting some kind of
> nomenclature, or any other way of making it easier for an user to
> figure out what is available. When browsing, I know I personally
> don't care what format it is as long as I can see that there is a
> documentation. 

I wonder if each HOWTO (FAQ, etc) could have a 'KEYWORD' section,
maybe even behind a comment so it is invisible to the end user. Then
some clever soul could come with something like what makewhatis is for
man pages based on the keywords. Then something like apropos to pull
up a list of Docs that match. Even slicker to output it into HTML or
some other format where each Doc is selectable from the generated
list. Just thinking out loud ...

$ howto network


(I haven't had time to follow this thread, so pardon if this is off
base, or been discussed.)

Hal B

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