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Re: [Re: Navigation, ...

wrt sorting by some classification: Poet & I (mostly Poet!) have
attempted to do this for the HOWTOs. The entry point for these
lists is in the re-vamped HOWTO-INDEX document:

        Chapter 4. Categorized List of HOWTOs

It's not complete, but it's a start. Categories include:
Administration, Hardware, Networking, Other Languages [non-english],
and Programming.

If someone wants to help us complete each of these categorized
listings, and/or add additional ones; let me know and I'll
get you started.

It's actually a pretty simple cut/paste exercise from the master
list of HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs into the specific category files -
assuming you know, or can deduce, which HOWTO goes into
which category(ies).

And, yes, it's in DocBook SGML.


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