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Re: [Re: Navigation, ...

Hal Burgiss wrote:

> I wonder if each HOWTO (FAQ, etc) could have a 'KEYWORD' section,
> maybe even behind a comment so it is invisible to the end user. Then
> some clever soul could come with something like what makewhatis is for
> man pages based on the keywords. Then something like apropos to pull
> up a list of Docs that match. Even slicker to output it into HTML or
> some other format where each Doc is selectable from the generated
> list. Just thinking out loud ...

That, along with a short synopsis line, has been suggested in the past
and noone disagreed then.

The idea was to use it for <META> tags in HTML and for
generating stub man pages.

It seems we can do it in DocBook DTD, what about LinuxDoc DTD?


> (I haven't had time to follow this thread, so pardon if this is off
> base, or been discussed.)

Search the archives and you will find quite a bit on it.

   Stein Gjoen

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