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Re: Boilerplate License Revision Proposal

On Sat, Jul 29, 2000 at 01:49:34PM -0400, Robert Kiesling wrote:
> Apologies also for the U.S. centrism, but works that are published
> here are implicitly copyrighted.  I'm not sure what the laws are in
> other countries.  That is, works written in the U.S. (whatever that
> means) do not need to contain an explicit copyright notice in order to

The same since the Berne convention.

> commercial publication, it seems to me 1completely irrelevant,
> presumptuous, unethical, and perhaps even illegal, that a
> non-publishing trade group should specify or even recommend the
> license terms that a document should carry.

Then we don't have to host the document.

We should take care of the license problems because of the problems we

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