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Re: Voila! A compromise!

Le jeu, 03 aoû 2000, Richard Stallman a écrit :

> One can imagine another plan, which is to segregate the non-free
> documents, and keep on accepting non-free documents on the same
> conditions as before.  I think it would be foolish for the LDP to
> accept any non-free documents, but I already explained why so I won't
> repeat it.

I think we (LDP) should not be as hard configured. I think we should
strongly recommend the free licence, but still accept non-free docs in a
segregated category. They may be some circomstances where free doc is not
possible. Imagine a book editor gives us the right to add they books to
the ldp stock, I could understand they restric the printing right.

I think also it's very nice to have the FSF be very strict, we need a
"mile stone", a reference, even if some time we don't comply with it.

Let me give an example.

StarOffice was a commercial product.

It begins to be distributed in SuSE (may be others) distro, so nearly for
no money

then Sun take it and use the free sun licence

Now SUN makes it GPL

should they have done this if nobody accepted to use it before, I think
not, but did they do that if nobody insist versus GPL, again no. this is
synergy. and this is nice.

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