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Re: Hi! (And some questions, of course)

Hello Luis

I'm kinda having the smae problems. I too can't render to anything in a
decent manner, however, the html output I get here looks pretty ok. I used
the tools exactly like the LDP Author guide said a few weeks ago (don't
know if it changed). But for that, I only use jade, not sgmltools or the
compiles-sgml script.
The command I use looks like this: 

/usr/local/sgml/jade-1.2.1/jade/jade -t sgml -i html -d
/usr/local/sgml/stylesheets/ldp.dsl#html document.sgml

I remember I had to modify the ldp.dsl to make sure the correct docbook.dsl
file was found, as the paths in the default lpd.dsl file didn't match the
location of my docbook.dsl file.

The top of the document no looks like this:

<!DOCTYPE style-sheet PUBLIC "-//James Clark//DTD DSSSL Style Sheet//EN" [
<!ENTITY % html "IGNORE">
<!ENTITY % print "IGNORE">
<!ENTITY docbook.dsl SYSTEM
"/usr/local/sgml/dsssl/docbook/html/docbook.dsl" CDATA dsssl>
<!ENTITY % print "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY docbook.dsl SYSTEM
"/usr/local/sgml/dsssl/docbook/print/docbook.dsl" CDATA dsssl>

Hope this helps to get you along with at least the html.. 
The output of ps and dvi and the like looks reasonable on my system, apart
from a few major things that go wrong (like tables)...

oh, FYI, it's a stock RH 6.2 system..

Good luck!


On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Luis Villa wrote:
> Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 04:08:56 +0200
> To: ldp-docbook@lists.debian.org
> From: Luis Villa <liv@duke.edu>
> Subject: Hi! (And some questions, of course)
> Hi, everyone-
>    I'm using a reasonably up-to-date* unstable installation of the
> various DocBook tools, and they are disagreeing with me pretty badly. In
> particular, I am trying to convert a HOWTO (which I wrote in Linuxdoc and
> converted to DocBook with ld2db) to HTML and PS using the "new"
> sgmltools.
>    First question: Am I wasting my time? Are these packages known to
> be broken or too badly out of date? I note that sgmltools is now on
> version 3- should I just be deleting my .debs and starting fresh from
> tarballs from the various canonical sites?
>    Second question: If #1 isn't true, how can I convert the document
> from SGML to an LDP formatted HTML HOWTO? Here's what I've done so far: I
> managed to succeed in using the tools to convert everything into HTML
> once, but it lacked formatting- no numbering of sections was the main
> problem but other small ones too. Basically, just an ugly document. So
> (following the suggestions in the LDP Author Guide) I attempted to create
> a new SGML_CATALOG_FILES environment variable. Not only did it not help,
> it made things worse: now, when I try to parse to HTML, I get ugly error
> messages about failures to resolve pubid. 
>    So: any suggestions on what I should do? I really appreciate the
> help...
>    Luis Villa
> *version numbers:
> sgmltools-2: 2.0.2-4
> jade: 1.2.1-17
> docbook: 3.1-2
> docbook-stylesheets: 1.54-1

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