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tag question

Hi everybody-
I have a  quick tag question. I have a lot of C functions shown in my
HOWTO- it is part API doc. Currently, those are all wrapped in <emphasis>
tags as a relic of the conversion from linuxdoc. Is there a more
appropriate tag for those? It appears that FuncSynopsis is the correct
family of tags, but it also appears that that will break between Docbook 3
and 4 (according to the definitive guide.) Any ideas about what I should
use here, and how I can make it safe for the transition to 4.0? 
Thanks in advance-

P.S. My apologies to everyone getting my vacation message- this project
counts as vacation stuff for me :) and there are many, many otehr messages
that I'm using that vacation thing to safely ignore.


            "Summertime... and the living is easy...
            fish are jumping and the cotton is high...
            So hush, little baby, baby don't you cry."


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