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Looking for some DocBook editors/contractors to help with conversion


Sorry I've been missing in action from these lists for about the past
month or so... I'll explain why in another message at some point.

One of the issues that has consumed my time is that for some personal
reasons (relating to being tired of working as a remote home office),
I'm leaving Linuxcare and moving on... but that's another story...

Right now, I hope I'm not intruding too much on the normal flow of
this list when I put in a bit of a commercial request... here at 
Linuxcare we're looking for some people to do some contract work to
help with a conversion to DocBook.

At Linuxcare we have begun the process of converting our courseware from
FrameMaker over into DocBook.  Essentially, we have hacked Frame's
"Export to XML" feature so that it generates a quasi-DocBook flavor of
XML.  Once this is generated, someone who knows DocBook must go in and
move around tags, put the correct table tags in, set up sections and
do a bunch of other manual tweaks to make the thing be a valid DocBook

We are looking to contract with someone (or multiple people) to finish
this conversion up quickly.  All the exported docs are stored in a 
CVS server that can be reached externally. We need some folks that 
can massage the files until they can be validated by onsgmls.
Ideally, the person(s) would be in the San Francisco area so that 
a face-to-face meeting could be had to explain the project, but the
people can actually be located anywhere.

If you are interested in some contract work like this, please contact
me *directly* with your availability and background.

Thank you,

Dan York,  Linuxcare, Inc.
dyork@linuxcare.com    http://www.linuxcare.com/
1-603-264-0129 mobile, 603-268-0691 tel, 603-268-0103 fax
Linuxcare.  Support for the revolution.

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