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P/E 4.9, No Debt, 30% Growth Rate, adds up to huge upside with low risk

I am very pleased to let you know about a currently under 
followed stock which has experienced large increases in revenue 
and earnings in the last 3 years but very little rise in stock 
price ! This is due to manangement, which has been quiety growing 
the company but not promoting it. A company website is in the 
works by January.

Check out for yourself ** The Churhill Corporation **
* A fully reporting exchange listed company (not OTC BB)
  6 month results 2000 - earnings up over 100% -

The Churchill Corporation - symbol CUQ - traded on Canada's 
largest exchange the TSE
Current price 1.60 cnd or 1.07 US

Currrent price target based on a 15 X P/E multiple last 12 months 
4.95 Cnd or 3.31 US ( *** a possible gain of 209 % ***)

earnings fully diluted taken from 1999 annual report and june 
2000 quaterly
1996: $0.04 - 1997: $0.17 - 1998: $0.23 - 1999: $0.29
12 month period to jun 30, 2000: $0.33

Current book value 1.94 cnd or 1.30 US !!

A chart from stockmaster.com -

You can contact the Churchill Corporation at 780-454-3667
Bill Mackenzie handles investor inquiries and is the CFO.

I'm not working for or with The Churchill Corporation so please 
direct any complaints to me and not Bill Mackenzie.

Shares in Churchill can be purchased from your favorite broker ( 
In the US allot of brokers require you to place orders over the 
phone for TSE stocks so if your favorite online broker doesn't 
have CUQ online you can still get CUQ over the phone)


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P/E 4.9, No Debt, 30% Growth Rate, adds up to huge upside with 
low risk

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